Referee Information

Our 12 and older youth can earn extra money by participating in the upcoming season as an Intramural Referee.

Check the regularly updated referee schedule to see assigned games.

Per game pay rates are $10 for U9, $15 for U11/U13.

Contact Tim Stapert for more information or reporting any issues.

Register here.

Youth Referee Intramural Guidelines


  • Whistle
  • Time piece
  • Shirt (provided)

Game Responsibilities

  • Positioning
  • Control
  • Conduct
  • Rules


  • Introduce offsides (1-2 warnings)
  • Proper throw-ins (1 warning) possibly show right method
  • Sportsmanship


  • Offsides enforced
  • Proper throw-ins
  • Slight pushing



Remember that you are in control and have the support of the club!